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 Created by the Canadian-based political activist group, The Media Foundation, for their magazine, Adbusters. The same basic formula of a picture of an Absolut bottle and a tagline beginning "Absolut…" means the key to succes !

"These anti-foie gras posters, created for the animal rights group GAIA by Duval Guillaume Brussels, were banned from Belgian railway stations in December 2005.

Explaining the ban, a spokesperson for NMBS, the Belgian national railway operator, said: "We want strict neutrality at our stations. We refuse all messages that have a political or philosophical angle. We have customers of all religions, life considerations etc and for this reason we don’t want to support any position."

Foie gras is the fattened liver of a duck or goose. The product, which is regarded in many countries as a great delicacy, is obtained by the forced over-feeding of animals through a tube; the resultant fattening of the liver means that the animal’s liver has a very rich and buttery texture. Most animal rights and welfare organisations consider the processes by which foie gras is obtained as cruel, due to the effects of the over-feeding, which include liver impairment, reduced mobility and even death. In some countries and US states both the production and sale of foie gras is banned; numerous others prohibit its production while allowing it to be sold. Belgium allows both."


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