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20 ?!
You’re not a kid anymore … * sigh *
" Deal with it " they say
" It’s hard ", I reply
Today I dreamt about the seaside during the night … the moon, the lounge chair, the blanket and that bottle of vodka.
I miss playing in a mudhole after it rains.
I miss coming home and lay down the floor without thinking about something " important ".
I miss not doing my homework for school.
I even miss being in the same room with my stupid classmates ?!?
I miss my karaoke parties when I had talent. * cough cough *

so many things dissapeared.
the new ones are considered boring right from the beginning.
I miss doing nothing !
BUT most of all I miss being a kid …
MOOD : scared.mad.annoyed.dangerous.
FAVOURITE QUOTE ( this week ) : let’s burn the University !


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