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" This is NOT a system of "democracy." Thus, you are free to criticize your neighbors, your society, your government–no matter how many people wish to pass a law censoring you. You are free to own your property–no matter how large a mob wants to take it from you. The rights of the individual are inalienable. But if "popular will" were the standard, the individual would have no rights–only temporary privileges, granted or withdrawn according to the mass mood of the moment. The tyranny of the majority, as the Founders understood, is just as evil as the tyranny of an absolute monarch … If we are going to try to replace tyrannies, we must stop confusing democracy with freedom. We must make clear that the principle we support is not the unlimited rule of the majority, but the inalienable rights of the individual. Empowering killers who happen to be democratically elected does not advance the cause of freedom–it destroys it. "

" Stiu ca tu vrei.. sa-mi iei libertatea … Stiu ca …
  Stiu ca tu vrei sa-mi arzi demnitatea … Stiu ca …
  Stiu ca tu vrei sa-mi distrugi soarta
  Hai! vino … vino … vino! " 


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