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Bucium on Myspace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures &Music Downloads

Folk Rock / Progressive / Ambient :
Andy Dumitrescu – guitars, vocals, songwriter
Alexandra Milea – violin
Ana Pecie – violin
Dan Baragan Simoaica – bass
Adrian Rugina – drums
About our history, true values and tradition … GREAT BAND !

You must listen to " Maria Doamna Raresoaia ", " Razboieni " and obviously " Colindul cerbului " !
They say : "
We started thinking about this band in the year 2000, with no money, no gear, no rehersal place, but with great hopes. It took us 4 years to accomplish the things mentioned above and to start playing live. In the meanwhile, we composed the most part of our two conceptual records, that will eventually be released this year and the next one. Our music is mixing a rock vibe with tunes that can be easily taken as Romanian folklore. In real, those tunes are also composed, they are not borrowed from any existing popular rhythms and sounds. When it comes to defining our genre, we can say that our music mixes ambient parts, metal parts, folk, tribal: the genre could be rock/folklorism. All our lyrics are cryptic and we`re using ancient, already forgotten Romanian words. The main trait that defines our lyrics is the spiritual root, we go back to history, nature, mythology, rituals. The whole Romanian folklore has this spiritual component, one of the most beautiful myhthologies of the world heritage. "


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