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CALIFORNIA DREAMIN de Cristian Nemescu – Synopsis

" California Dreamin'(Romanian: California Dreamin’ (Nesfârşit)) is a 2007 Romanian film by Cristian Nemescu. It won the Prix un certain regard at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. It also picked up the Iris Award for Best Film, the Audience Award and the Canvas Award at the Brussels European Film Festival 2007. The film is also sometimes mistitled Endless in English, Nesfârşit being Romanian for "unfinished". The director died before the end of the montage, so in the released film his working materials are cut to 155 minutes. "
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It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen so far ( and it’s not because it’s romanian ) but because the real story behind the movie is, in fact, as powerful as it. The director, a young promising talent who finished The University of Theatre and Cinema in 2003, having already another awarded short films, was killed in a car accident before the movie was released / it received any prizes. It’s touching, honest, new and the actors are great so I hope you’ll going to see it !

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