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One of the most promising romanian bands has decided on 13 August this year to end its work.
They were special, had chemistry & the most successful combination of music and lyrics I’ve ever seen.
… because of that and so many other feelings I’ve felt listening to their music, places I’ve loved while imagining a TRAVKA *(Tpabka)- in russian, means weed *world, people I care about due to their energy and devotion while playing live and most of all ’cause I met the lead singer and respected them more after becoming familiar to their world …

Trakva, I felt in love with you and I will always remember those summer nights spent in that empty but still beautiful home of ours called Hand. [ when they were young & dreamy ] [ the official site ] [ listen here ]
If you like music and most of all, my posts about it, please listen at least to some of their best songs
" Urban Violent ", " Zambetul tau ", " Corabia nebunilor ", " Nimic de pe frontul de est 1, 2", " Indiferent", " Proprietarul de poduri ", " Vreau sa simt Praga ", " Intr-un fel " …

P.S. This is probably my favourite, enjoy it


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