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Syd Barrett – first trip with Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Probably the 2nd time I’m posting it but who cares ?! A well deserved tribute for a troubled genius :
" It was on Pink Floyd’s first tour to the United States in 1967 that Barrett began to show the effects of his illness, apparently undiagnosed schizophrenia. It would render him catatonic during performances, and even struck Barrett during an appearance on American Bandstand. Clearly, he wouldn’t be able to remain in the group if it were to continue. While his use of LSD is often blamed for his breakdown, it did not bring on the schizophrenia — that had already been there for some time, as it was part of the makeup of Barrett’s brain chemistry. Unbelievably, there was a time when doctors experimentally used LSD as a way to treat schizophrenia. Guess what? It doesn’t work. It was from cases like Barrett’s that physicians finally figured out the effects of lysergic acid are individual to the person, and that the drug was at least not reliable, at worst even dangerous, for combating mental disorders like schizophrenia. For Barrett, the drug hastened the effect and possibly magnified the intensity of a condition that would have claimed him eventually if left undiagnosed — just with not as much intensity, nor as soon as it did. "
I believe " the madcap enjoyed the last laugh ".


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