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" J.U.F. — which stands for Jewish Ukrainian Freundschaft — is a nickname that comments on Gogol Bordello’s ethnic line-up and is also a humorous nod to one of their favorite bands, D.A.F (which stands for Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), the groundbreaking 80’s German industrial punk band. J.U.F is comprised of members of Gogol Bordello, including lead singer Eugene Hutz, guitarist and beat master Oren Kaplan and former Gogol saxophonist Ori Kaplan. Gogol Bordello also invited Israeli ingénue Victoria Hanna and Tamir Muskat who worked on their last album `Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony’ to co-produce J.U.F and help create the album’s driving sound. "
This is such a great band and now it’s the perfect time to promote it so please check ‘ Slishal No ne Zapisal ‘ and
‘ Roumania ‘ before leaving.

Now who the fuck cares about Madonna’s talent ?! Filth and Wisdom is awesome just because I say so : Eugene Hutz, brilliant plot, Gogol Bordello on soundtrack and FILTH ! What do you want more ?

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