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mircea nicolae

‘ My lover’s clothes ‘ – ‘ Closed ‘

‘ You are waiting in vain ‘

‘ Thinking of her ‘ – ‘ Always ‘

‘ I live in an unwelcoming city ‘

" Each thing I do bears a number, because I intend to make only 100 interventions. Sometimes I use the inherent qualities of different materials that communicate their meaning directly in a manner I use as such, but there are times when I also try to deal with my emotional history. In my work I am used to making comments about the feeling of discouragement that is very present in the urban environment where I live and even at a general level in my country, that seems to be overwhelmed by an illusive and oppressing feeling of impotence and lack of perspective. "
M.N. is one of my favourite romanian urban artists, he has beautiful artworks and the story behind them it’s absolutely captivating.
Check him out !


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