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Protests at the G20 summit – The Big Picture –

It is called photojournalism, idiots ! That’s why those comments written under the pictures exist !
It is called a protest/demonstration/riot/defending your rights/activism/taking action/anti capitalism/doing something/anarchism/confrontation with the police & co. The point of a thing like that is mainly to increase visibility and not to see Obama dead, relax ! There were both peaceful protesters and violent ones, smashing windows and throwing debris at police lines ( good job !!! ).
@CarlaFiscina, what’s the point of your existence ?
@Mbele3000, fuck the police ! You & your lobbyists are wasting your time, do us all a favour: stay home, watch TV, shut up and die silently .
@LateElf you’ll see why we don’t like cops.
@Ledflyd, I kind of explained him who’s the moron around here. I was talking about the situation and what the protesters did … not about the specific ideologies but now you provoked me so we’re going to solve the anarchism vs. socialism problem in private.
" Listen up all you masqueraders
   Now we have got the floor. "
P.S. G20 + police = bad | Are you happy now ?! I managed to annoy some people today, hehe. I’m famous, you’re dumb. Anarchists are no one’s comrades.


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