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Encounter of the heart

*Your ignorance will never move inside of me and will leave me harmless, but when you abuse of the important things, that’s the moment when you crack my inner peace and this will be the last time you’ll see me around. There is only one true meaningful fight in this life and that is for your personal inner peace. It may sound egocentric, but if you have a second look, this will only bring good things to others. True wisdom comes in peace and not in war, even though they can’t exist one without other. Let your ego starve for once and see how it feeds itself from other things. Choose your fights carefully and let yourself be a fool after you loved a person that didn’t deserve, just because next time you’ll pick better. Still, let yourself bleed for everything as this is the door to a different way of seeing things. Gain victories over the human spirit and be one with the garden in front of you!

Finally, my mind is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Everything is inherently cinematic!


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